Alumni are key to helping a school remain solvent and grow.  Many schools simply request annual donations from past graduates, but colleges and sophisticated private schools tap a variety of financial vehicles that extend far beyond cash.

Many other forms of donations may be considered with the application of web technology. 

School Becomes Partial or Full Beneficiary

A link to apply for life insurance, both term and whole life, may be created to mirror a school's website development page. A sophisticated search and quoting engine will provide the most competitive quotes.  Those applying will be asked to tithe the school as a percentage beneficiary.  Applications may be completed seamlessly over the internet or alumni may call and apply over the phone, providing an opportunity to discuss and understand the tax advantages of a variety of donation vehicles. Phone and internet applications eliminate paper and wet ink signatures, cutting approval time from weeks to seconds.

In addition to life insurance, donations may also include:

Note: Advancement Solutions has teamed with a firm that reviews large financial portfolios for strategic improvement, finding the best solutions that complement the mutual goals of both the alumni and the school.