Filling desks is the most critical task for continued solvency for any school.  Filled desks maximizes the required teaching and support staff providing life to a school and a potential for growth.

Early is better

Contacting alumni and parent’s of potential future students is key.  Early contact creates a mindset and some expectation of attendance which is currently nonexistent.  Enrollment for freshman classes today is more like a fraternity or sorority rush rather than a long thoughtful process.  This is evident in the reasons some children choose one school over another.  Reasons include: ‘I liked their uniforms more’ or ‘because my friend decided to attend’.  Schools and parents should recognize this weakness in the decision making process and start earlier providing expectation and information to adequately assist in a substantive decision. 

Network of Schools

As airlines and hospitals have learned, it is better to fill an airline seat or a hospital bed at a discount rather than a vacancy. 

Discounted tuition (like a medical PPO, if a student attends a school in the network they receive a discount)
Joining the network has a small annual cost to parents of young children. The parents choose a primary school targeting where their child may attend in the future. The discount grows over time; the earlier a child is enrolled, the greater the discount at time of enrollment. Attending the primary school will provide the largest discount or the child and parents may choose another school in the network and still receive a discount. This program raises funds today in the form of annual enrollment fees and secures a portion of future classes to come. Note: schools are not locked into a specific cost but only promise a percentage discount on tuition yet to be confirmed.

Tuition Lock

If a student elects tuition lock they may begin an early payment plan, securing funds for the school today and a filled desk for tomorrow.